Terminal Units EN ISO 9170-2 AGSS type 1L

The EN ISO 9170-2 AGSS type 1L terminal units for anesthetic gas scavenging systems are the points allowing operators in hospitals to connect the appropriate quick couplings to safely dispose the exceeding anesthetic gases and vapors away from the clinical environment.

The main purpose is to minimize the pollution of the premises where anesthetics are used. Two main installation principles are available:

Venturi type | The suction system is based on the Venturi principle, on the basis of which an injector supplied with compressed air at a pressure of 4 bar, produces a constant suction (set by the installer) suitable for discharging anaesthetic gases outside the room where they are used.

Blower type | A blower generates a constant suction inside the centralized suction system designed to eliminate the anaesthetic gases from the room where they are used; the installer can also adjust the flow discharged directly on the base block by means of a variable section connector.

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