EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar

The new EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar is a medical device designed and manufactured for applications of “high flow and high vacuum” joint in use with the EasyVAC® PLUS vacuum regulators and with EasyAIR® “Venturi system” suction units.

This special safety jar is used to protect the equipment and the plant upstream, should the overflow valve in the main container not be working properly. The EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar is made of Polysulfone and fully autoclavable (134 °C - 18 min.), having an overflow floating valve and a housing designed to fit an antibacterial filter to guarantee the complete suction system protection against any contamination. The inlet connection with a quick release snap ring, the rolling 360° position of the patient outlet hose connector and the quick locking system jar-to-lid by 1/12 turn only make simple and easy the connection and removing of the EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar to the EasyVAC® PLUS vacuum regulators and EasyAIR® “Venturi system” suction units. Everything is made to make simple, fast, safe and easy the use by the hospital staff.

The collecting jar of this safety device has a deliberately reduced capacity (approx. 50 ml) so that even a small presence of fluid could immediately activate the floating valve to stop the suction.

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Tech Info

Sizes (LxWxH)

93x76x74 mm


0.12 Kg

Overflow system

floating valve

Patient connection

hose connector Ø 8.0÷9.2 mm

Maximum applicable vacuum value

-950 mbar / 5 min.

Inner volume

approx. 50 ml 

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EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar

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