MU pressure regulators

The MU pressure regulators are designed for direct fitting on standard medical gas cylinders. 

The MU pressure regulators are manufactured with body of chrome-plated brass, with a pre-calibrated overpressure safety valve to protect against any malfunction of the system, with an inlet connection for O2 or Air according to the various standards used in different Countries and with an outlet hose connector.

They are available in a version with preset calibration of the outlet pressure with single gauge to check the cylinder contents, or with adjustable pressure and a flow gauge to check the flow of the supplied gas.
A protective silicone cover prevents gauge damage caused by possible shocks received during transport or use.

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Tech Info


Sizes (LxWxH)





Hose connector Ø 6 mm

127x51x121 mm

0.64 Kg

Front flow gauge

135x87x121 mm

0.72 Kg

Side flow gauge

135x101x121 mm

0.71 Kg

Maximum inlet pressure

200 bar

Inlet connection

UNI 11144 • EN 850 • NF-E 29-650 • BS 341-3 • DIN 477- 1 • ISO 5145

Flow gauge end of scale value (if present) 9 LPM

Flow gauge accuracy (if present)

±10% read value or ±0.5 L/min. if greater


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