Products - Medical Line

The line of products dedicated to the field of devices for measurement, control and supply of medical gases in this catalogue is split into specific sections that show and regroup them according to their applications in oxygen therapy and ventilation therapies, in the suction of fluids, then presenting the pressure regulators and the flowmeters for medical gases with other applications than oxygen therapy, the flowmeter units with the devices for Anesthesia and Intensive Care, and, in conclusion, proposing a section dedicated to the terminal units system and to the accessories developed and manufactured to support the installation of medical gases distribution plants.

Again it should be noted that all medical devices manufactured by flow-meter™ reflect the Directive 93/42/EEC requirements, and meet the technical specifications imposed by national and international reference standards.

Note: This website is intended exclusively for access and surfing of professionals in the medical sector and not for general public. In fact, news and information herein contained are relating to medical devices and products whose misuse can be dangerous to health and safety of patients and medical staff. flow-meter™ SpA products are not for sale to the general public.

In compliance with the New Guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health of 28/03/2013 regarding health advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro medical diagnostic devices and medical surgical facilities, we caution that the information contained in this website is exclusively directed at professional practitioners. All contents are of an informational nature and do not have advertising purposes.