Oxygen supply systems for ambulances

The oxygen supply systems in ambulances allow the oxygen distribution through terminal units, granting moreover the connection to mobile sources, such as medical gases cylinders, by means of suitable pressure regulators.

They are available in configurations of one, two or three terminal units and with 2 inlets for the connection to the cylinders that can be activated separately by a selector.
The O2 supply systems for ambulances mainly consist of:

  • a stainless steel bottom support with holes for wall fixing;
  • a selector enabling the operator to switch the supply source normally consisting in a medical gas cylinder fitted with pressure regulator;
  • a copper pipe, bent and welded with cadmium free silver alloy. The copper pipe is a Class II A medical device, CE marked according to the current Regulation and following amendments and conforming to the specifications of the UNI EN 13348 standards;
  • one or more oxygen terminal units. These terminal units are designed and manufactured according to the different standards and they are safe and simple to use for the operator. The terminal units are Class II B medical devices, CE marked according to current Regulation and following amendments and conforming to the specifications of the referenced standards;
  • a gauge for the control of the line pressure, to grant the correct performance of the system and the oxygen supply continuity;
  • two nipples with gas-specific threads to univocally connect the supply by means of low pressure hose assemblies properly banded and conforming to the specifications of UNI EN ISO 5359 standards (optional);
  • a painted stainless steel cover panel with mounting fittings (optional).
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Tech Info

Sizes (LxWxH)

1 terminal unit version: 87.5x270x130 mm
2 terminal units version: 87.5x355x130 mm
3 terminal units version: 87.5x440x130 mm

Working pressure

4.0 bar ± 20%

Supply gas


Line pressure control gauge

end of scale 6.0 bar diam. 50 mm. Cl. 2.5

Supply connections

thread M16x1.25 M. (UNI 9507)

Terminal units standards

AFNOR NF-S 90-116 • UNI 9507 • BS 5682 • DIN 13260 • SS  875 24 30

Diagram of Options

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