RM flowmeters

The flowmeters type RM/185-2 are devices for the supply of medical gases with two meters suitable in respiratory therapy.

The measurement tubes are made in the body of the unit and the inlet connections are at the bottom of the units and arranged to be connected to the hospitals centralized gas plants or to gas cylinders completed with pressure regulators. For veterinary use, an anesthesia evaporator can be connected at the outlet of the dosage unit.

Tech Info



Sizes (LxWxH)

99x83x204 mm


0.60 Kg

Dosage range O2 • N2O • Air

5 L/min. • 15 L/min. • 30 L/min. • 40 L/min.


±10% read value or ±0.5 L/min. if greater

Inlet pressures

3.5 - 5 bar ±20%

Charge loss level, side under pressure
(before the adjusting needle valves)

less than 25 ml/min. in normal pressure conditions (ISO 5358)

Charge loss level, low pressure side
(after the adjusting needle valves,
vaporizer excluded)

less than 25 ml/min. at 30 cm H2O

Mixed gases outlet connection

Ø 22 M. - 15 F. ISO DIN 5356-1 or conical connection 23 mm F ISO DIN 5356/1 (for veterinary use only)

Gases inlet connections

hose connector Ø 6 mm

Connections and Accessories

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