Suction of Fluids

The range of devices with applications in suction of fluids includes: vacuum regulators devices to be connected to centralized vacuum systems, even with low scale for pediatric applications, and the matched fluid collection containers for small volumes, which also have function to protect the plant, the large fluid collection containers of various capacities, both reusable and disposable, the water manometers, the Venturi system suction devices, the trolley suction systems and all related accessories, connections and support containers systems. 
The wide line of products always allows to provide the best solution for client needs and the supply of countless combinations for the various requirements of use. The suction of body fluids requires special attention for protection of patients and health professionals to prevent viral and bacterial contamination. Safety is the key word in flow-meter™ to guide the continuous devices development and the research for new solutions. 

All devices are manufactured in full compliance with the strict technical standards applied within the EU, and meet the requirements of the Regulation (EU) MDR 2017/745 in order to guarantee the use in complete and absolute safety, even in the most extreme conditions.

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