Low pressure hose assemblies EN ISO 5359

The low pressure hose assemblies, meeting the requirements of the Standard EN ISO 5359, are indicated for the use with the following medical gases:
- Oxygen (O2);
- Medical air (AIR);
- Air for driving surgical tools (AIR-800);
- Vacuum (VAC).

Here under some examples of suggested uses for the flexible hose assemblies:

a. Connection between terminal units and medical equipment (refer to Standards EN ISO 9170-1, EN ISO 80601-2-13 and EN ISO 80601-2-12);

b. Connection between a distribution pipeline system and one of its terminal units (refer to Standards EN ISO 7396-1 and EN ISO 11197);

c. Connection between two terminal units (refer to Standard EN ISO 7396-1);

d. Connection between an emergency supply source and a supply point for the emergency and the maintenance of a distribution pipeline system (refer to Standards EN ISO 10524-1 and EN ISO 7396-1);

e. Connection between an emergency supply point and a medical equipment (refer to Standards EN ISO 10524-1, EN ISO 80601-2-13 and EN ISO 80601-2-12).

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Tech Info

Compressed medical gases hose sizes

Ø 11.5x5 mm

Vacuum hose sizes

Ø 13.5x6.3 mm

Hose inner material

black EPDM with antistatic treatment

Hose armour


Hose coating

EPDM coloured according to the gas type

Compressed medical gases working pressures

from 300 kPa to 1400 kPa

Vacuum working pressures

from 10 kPa to 100 kPa (absolute pressure)

Standard hose lengths 1.5 m, 2.5 m, 4.5 m for gases
1.5 m, 2.5 m for vacuum
Hoses for medical gases
Hoses for medical gases | flow-meter™

Anti-squeezing hoses, according to standard EN ISO 5359, Ø 5x11.5 mm for medical compressed gases available in colors white, white-black and blue and Ø 6.3x13.5 mm for suction available in colors yellow and green.


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