Suction trolley units

The flow-meter™ suction trolley units allow to perform suction interventions in a rational and effective manner, as they include in one suction system all the necessary devices for a broad range of surgical and medical procedures, providing the operators with the most suitable solution of use in a hospital environment.

This suction unit system allows to connect to the terminal units fitted on the trolley head one or two EASYVAC® vacuum regulators, preferably completed with the relative EASYSAFE® safety jar. The slide bracket system on the stand allows to accommodate up to 4 supports for the collection containers of suctioned fluids, disposable or not. The trolley head fits also the catheter container support rings, one for each suction circuit. This to allow the operator to safely store the patient tube after use. The trolley unit fits five antistatic rotating castors, two of which with locking pedal, this to get always an easy, safe and rational positioning. Please refer to the individual product data sheets to see the characteristics of the various devices associated with the trolley. Download the Product Sheet to know the composition of the Suction Trolley Units.

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Tech Info

Dimensions (LxWxH)

580x580x870 mm


5.0 Kg (vacuum regulators, collection jars and accessories excluded)

Terminal units for vacuum regulation connection

2 AFNOR NF-S 90-116 / UNI 9507 / DIN 13260 / BS 5682 / SS 875 24 30 outlets

Vacuum supply hose

EN ISO 5359 yellow; length 3 m

Probe for unit connection to vacuum plant

AFNOR NF-S 90-116 / UNI 9507 / DIN 13260 / BS 5682 / SS 875 24 30

Bracket system for collection jar support

4 slides with dimensions 25x5 mm

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