VA - VD water manometers

The water manometers VA and VD series are used for accurate adjustment of vacuum values in the suction in interventions of gastric and chest drainage. 

The devices are made essentially of an anodized aluminium head manufactured in anodized aluminum in which a needle valve acts for suction rate adjustments, and where a primary polycarbonate tube containing the water gets the function of measurement and calibration. Inside the tube, a graduated dipstick having scale up to 40 cm (VA/600 and VD/600) or up to 70 cm (VA/1000 and VD/1000) is used to adjust the hydraulic head necessary for the treatment.

Tech Info






Sizes (LxWxH)

75x100x710 mm

75x100x1100 mm

80x126x710 mm

80x126x1100 mm


0.58 Kg

0.75 Kg

0.91 Kg

1.10 Kg

Adjustment range

0 ÷ -40 cm H2O

0 ÷ -70 cm H2O

0 ÷ -40 cm H2O

0 ÷ -70 cm H2O

Inlet max. depression

-950 mbar

Inlet connection

ISO G. 1/4” M.

hose connector Ø 8.5 mm

Outlet connection

hose connector Ø 8.5 mm

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