EasyVAC® PLUS vacuum regulators

The EasyVAC®PLUS continuous suction vacuum regulators range is suitable in all medical suction applications in hospitals and nursing homes.

The device is made of a strong techno-polymer body, with a quick I/0 switch button, a suction adjustment Soft Grip inserts knob for an easy handling with a “Push & Lock” position system and a vacuum control gauge with three possible end-of-scale choices: -250 mbar, -600 mbar and -1000 mbar. A protective silicone cover and a techno-polymer support prevent gauge damages caused by possible shocks received during transport or use. The EasyVAC®PLUS vacuum regulators are manufactured with outlet threaded connection for screwing in the usual collection containers for suctioned fluids, or for direct connection to the EasySAFE®PLUS safety jar, through a specific quick release integrated connection. The small sizes of the EasyVAC®PLUS vacuum regulators help in installing multiple sets of medical gas devices into the wall terminal units. The extreme rationality and simplicity, combined with the sophisticated technical execution, allow both operators and patients to appreciate the safety and reliability of this medical device.

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Tech Info


PLUS 250

PLUS 600

PLUS 1000

Sizes (LxWxH)

91x106x185 mm


0.47 Kg

0.37 Kg

0.37 Kg

Maximum suction flow

50 L/min.
±5 L/min.
at -220 mbar

72 L/min.
±5 L/min.
at -550 mbar

115 L/min.
±5 L/min.
at -950 mbar

Maximum available negative 
pressure effective value

-220 mbar 
±20 mbar

-550 mbar 
±20 mbar

-950 mbar

Over depression protecting valve

preset with anti-clogging system

preset with anti-clogging system


Vacuum gauge

0 ÷ -250 mbar

0 ÷ -600 mbar

0 ÷ -1000 mbar

Maximum depression supply value

-950 mbar

Suction value adjustment system

with membrane

Standard inlet connection

ISO G. 1/4” M

Outlet connection

ISO G. 1/2” M. + quick release system for EASYSAFE® or EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar connection

I-O switch

quick push switch button

Reading resolution

1 mbar/hPa (1 mmHg)

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EasyVAC® PLUS vacuum regulators

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