FT calibrated flanges

The calibrated flanges type FT are instant flow measuring devices composed of a primary element, constitued by a narrowing part (diaphragm), and of a secondary element, usually constitued by a differential manometer. The diaphragm, installed between the piping union flanges, usually has a narrowing ratio included between 0.2 and 0.8. The calibrated flanges type FT have connections to be welded directly on the pipelines or they are suitable for the mounting between flanges, and the pressure outlet and inlet are got from the body. The features of these instruments are: simplicity in installation, good accuracy, possibility of using a wide range of construction materials.


Technical specifications:
Calibrated element with ring chambers fitting pipes from DN50 to DN400 included;
Calibrated element with ring chambers obtained directly in the flanges fitting pipes from DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40 included.

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Tech Info



± 5% V.F.S.

Working max. temperature

120° C.

Working max. pressure

PN 10

Construction at request up to PN 64 and temperatures up to 200° C.

FT | flow-meter™

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